Tuesday, October 13, 2015

It's 12:45 am on a Tuesday morning. I have a big scary American Heritage midterm so clearly that means my mind won't shut off (although I'm not really thinking about AmerHer and I know I'm going to be tired in the morning).

So what then is on the mind of this college student? What could possibly be bothering her?

I honestly don't know. This girl has a lot of minute things on her mind and apparently she plans on writing a blog post to try to get tired. Thanks brain.

College is tough. Don't let anyone fool you HS seniors- the hard work begins after applying for college. Then, once you get to college, there are a zillion things you can choose to major in and depending on how you're feeling a certain day you might want to be a nurse, or a director or the President of America. After walking through the business building at my school, I'm convinced that international business is the way for me to go. Have I ever had any interest in business before? Nope. Thanks, college. 

I'm so excited for next semester when I can choose to take easy classes. I'm trying to figure out how to balance my schedule but right now I want to take 2 religion classes, at least one fitness class, some fun art/film class and then maybe a nursing pre-req or two (I actually have to take those but I'm trying to pretend I don't). I wish there was a major titled "For those who just want to take classes their interested in and have fun". Now that might not be super cost efficient but whatever, I'm only here for my Mrs. degree right??

Haha nope....

Thank you to all those people who convinced me the dating scene at my school was crazy and that I would be asked out in a millisecond. Thanks. 

Maybe my priorities are off. I mean school as number 1 seems legit but maybe Grey's Anatomy shouldn't be 2nd. Hmm...nahh I'll keep Grey's. 

I wish my brain would turn off. 

Sincerely, the college student that writes...sometimes.... but only at 1:01 am...